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Fall 2015 Syllabus

COURSE SYLLABUS                                           

Senior Portfolio, ILL 461.2

Instructor John Thompson Phone 315 256-8201
Office 349 Shaffer E-mail
Office Wednesdays, 2PM-5PM


*Prerequisite / Co-requisite:
ILL 261, 262, 361, 362 
Senior Level Illustration majors 
Development and Completion of a well-rounded portfolio geared toward a specific market

Additional Course Description
The primary emphases of this course will be to create a body of work, which we will refer to as The Portfolio. Each student will set his or her own objective for the course. The body of work should reflect the artistic direction and stylistic approach you intend to pursue in your illustration career. I would expect that you should complete 6-12 pieces, depending on size and complexity of your work. The core of your portfolio, by the end of the semester should be dominated by the work done in this class. The portfolio will have a unified look and a goal specific direction. 

You will begin the semester with a presentation of the intended direction of your portfolio. This may include work you have done in the past, ideas you plan to execute, and your artistic influences.  

Each of your self-generated assignments should involve a step-by-step creative approach. While these steps may vary from one project to another, they will usually be: Concept, Rough idea sketches, Research, Reference, Working drawings, Final drawings, and Final art. 

Each class will begin with a group critique of ongoing projects. It is important that you come prepared to share your progress. You are being prepared for a career that involves communication with co-workers as well as art directors and/or editors etc. Please come to class on time and participate in your classmates’ critique. 

I would also like to meet with each student in the Senior Studio or my office at least once a week, to review your work in progress.

Basic Course Information:
Credits: 3
Room/Bldg: 307 Shaffer
Day/Time: 8:00AM-12:30PM
Dates: 9/2/15 - 12/9/15

Learning Objectives:
  1. To continue to search for a personal artistic identity in problem solving
  2. To develop a specific career goal
  3. To create a body of work that is goal specific
  4. To be able to explain orally the direction and reasoning behind your body of work
  5. To maintain a strong work ethic
Bibliography/ Texts / Supplies – Required:

Suggested readings:
Revealing Illustration, by James McMullan; The Red Rose Girls, by Alice Carter;
Art is Work, by Milton Glaser; Richard Schmid Paints the Figure, by Richard Schmid
American Realists: Homer to Hopper, by Mahonri Sharp Young; Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud; Imaginative Realism, by James Gurney; The Illustrator Annuals published by The Society of Illustrators; American Illustration; Communication Arts magazine; The New Yorker magazine; The New York Times; UTNE Reader; Mother Jones

Suggested Websites and Blogs:

Continue to collect, follow, and share useful websites and blogs

Bring all necessary supplies to class (drawing and Painting media, laptops etc).  

  • 6-12 finished pieces depending on size and complexity.
  • Completed Portfolio
  • Website
Survey (December 14) 
Your portfolio presentation will include the pieces done for this class, plus work completed in your other illustration classes and studio arts classes.  
The bulk of your grade will be based on the completion of the goal you set at the beginning of the semester. I will also take into account your participation in the group critiques. 

Body of Work 85%
Attendance, participation in group critiques 15% 
Course Specific Policies on attendance, late work, make up work, examinations if outside normal class time, etc.:
This class will meet 14 times this semester plus the senior survey. You may have one unexcused absence. A second unexcused absence will lower you grade one letter grade. A third may result in failure. 
Additional Information:

Academic Integrity
Syracuse University’s Academic Integrity Policy holds students accountable for the integrity of the work they submit. Students should be familiar with the policy and know that it is their responsibility to learn about course-specific expectations, as well as about university policy. The university policy governs appropriate citation and use of sources, the integrity of work submitted in exams and assignments, and the veracity of signatures on attendance sheets and other verification of participation in class activities. The policy also prohibits students from submitting the same written work in more than one class without receiving written authorization in advance from both instructors. The presumptive penalty for a first offense by an undergraduate student is course failure, accompanied by a transcript notation indicating that the failure resulted from a violation of Academic Integrity Policy. The standard sanction for a first offense by a graduate student is suspension or expulsion. For more information and the complete policy, see 

Disability-Related Accommodations
If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS),, located in Room 309 of 804 University Avenue, or call (315) 443-4498, TDD: (315) 443-1371 for an appointment to discuss your needs and the process for requesting accommodations. ODS is responsible for coordinating disability-related accommodations and will issue students with documented Disabilities Accommodation Authorization Letters, as appropriate. Since accommodations may require early planning and generally are not provided retroactively, please contact ODS as soon as possible. 

Religious Observances Policy
SU religious observances policy, found at, recognizes the diversity of faiths represented among the campus community and protects the rights of students, faculty, and staff to observe religious holidays according to their tradition.  Under the policy, students are provided an opportunity to make up any examination, study, or work requirements that may be missed due to a religious observance provided they notify their instructors before the end of the second week of classes for regular session classes and by the submission deadline for flexibly formatted classes.

For fall and spring semesters, an online notification process is available through MySlice/StudentServices/Enrollment/MyReligiousObservances.

Student Academic Work Policy

Educational use of student work: I intend to use academic work that you complete this semester in subsequent semesters for educational purposes. Before using your work for that purpose, I will either get your written permission or render the work anonymous by removing all your personal identification.

Calendar of weekly events:.
(Visiting lecturers will be attending the class, as they become available)

September 2 Go over syllabus, plus initial discussion of portfolio directions 
September 9 Present your proposal for the artistic direction and stylistic 
approach of your portfolio

September 16 Group critique/Poster Project Presentation & Haiku hand off to artists  
September 23 Group critique/Idea sketches (at least 3 ideas) due for Haiku Poster Project   
September 30 Ideas sketches due (combined Portfolio classes) 

October 5 Group Critique/Full size rough sketches with type indicated Artist agreements due
October 7 Group Critique  
October 14 Group Critique
October 21 Group Critique
October 28 Group Critique
November 4 Group Critique
November 11 Group Critique
*November 13  Trip to New York
November 18 Group Critique/ Final Poster selections

November 25 (Thanksgiving Break)
December 2 Group Critique
December 9 Final Group Critique
December 14 Senior Survey

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